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Who’s Elektra: Goddess Of The Universe, 2015

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The guitar howls, groans, whips, moans. There, Hendrix! There, Zeppelin! There, funk riffs! There, early Stooges! There, a beat which knocks! A hypnotic bass line. A line of text that sounds familiar somehow, but cannot be placed. An electric thunderstorm. A case in time. Rock and all of its variations. And, nonetheless, Who’s Elektra sounds above all only like themselves; young musicians possessed by rock’n’roll demons. At a concert, standing open-mouthed in front of the stage, you will ask yourself, «Fuck, what was that!?»

As 2012 winners of the Tankstelle Musik competition, Who’s Elektra was able to choose Roli Mosimann as their producer. Mosimann has worked with such bands as The Young Gods, New Order and Faith No More.

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Goddess Of The Universe

Who's Elektra2015


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