Tisch by DIE DIE BE

Recorded, mixed and mastered by DIE DIE BE, Bujar Berisha and Lili Vanilly, Die Diebe






This piece is part of k2019: order here.

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Now you’re starting that again. We’ve already had it all. We have talked about it. And now you’re starting that again. We have agreed, chose a way out and decided to go further. And now you start again.

You are mistaken. It is not the same. You are wrong again and again. Sure, we will not get any further that way.

I feel it exactly. Something is going wrong here. What I tell you you can never understand, you can only approximately imagine it. And only if you have an interest in it. And this interest is not based on me. This interest comes solely from you. So I cannot influence it. You can just lose it and I can’t do anything.

You are wrong. You cannot speak for me.

I know, I have no idea about you. I only perceive me. The others I perceive, I also perceive only through my senses and interpret them as me. Sometimes I have the hope, the imagination, the perception, I could dissolve me into a counterpart. Dissolve this infinite soledom into a onedom.

You are mistaken. Your perception is not true. And with you everything that was and could ever be true dissolves.

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