long-awaited, -desired, -expected, -hoped- and -looked-for: The Die Diebe SUBscription

This will be yours:

  • Support for free art and culture, real humans, directly
  • Free club membership and access to our library
  • 20% discount on all our own products
  • Free entry to all our events and small presents now and then!

… and more and more as time goes by (surely not less).


Your possibilities:

CHF 099 for one year of «SUBscription»
CHF 248 for one year of «A Wee Bit Of Patronage»
CHF 555 for one year of «Master Patron»
CHF 1383 for one year of «Juhuu!»


CHF 9 per month (or more, as you please)

With your SUBscription you don’t only support Die Diebe, you also nurture our experimental collaborations with other musicians. For instance Hainrisc T and NeuN.

Or products like k2020. That calendar is an opportunity for local musicians and spoken word artists to be heard and seen. Or k2019, a movie in form of pictures, talk and sound.

More will follow. Your support has an impact. Thank you.