LP by DR. DREXLER project with 13 songs vinyl and digital.

Criticism against all reason or side effects desired”

Or sounds like #S.Y.P.H. #Fehlfarben #CrackClouds #FireEngines #Mediengruppetelekommander #NDW #SCHNITT – Please sort at #Postpunk.

Short snippets, dark loops, noises and beats from old and new drum computers, distorted guitars forward and backward, analog synths, crisp bass and above all the unique, almost hysterical voice of Dr. Drexler.
Slogans (and quotes from old Deutschpunk songs) drill their way into your brain unhindered, surrounded by melodies, which in their complexity only develop their full power when heard several times and again this beat, this pressure, this violence: great!

Now Dr. Drexler (the voice of Fräulein Brecheisen, N.I.C.H.T.S!2.0) stands before us: clever, eloquent and aggressive. There is anger in every word, healthy anger about our time, which is marked by injustice and haughtiness, arrogance and contempt for people.

Dr. Drexler uncovers the lies of society in his texts, puts his finger where it hurts.
Against the superficiality, so to speak, that otherwise completely occupies us. There have always been rebellious voices against the mainstream, Drexler’s voice is one of them.

It is therefore worth listening carefully to what Dr. Drexler recommends to his patients. The pill mix is digestible, albeit rough and hard. Side effects desired!

Is that what you want to hear? YES, you even have to hear it.

The band consists of Bruno Tenschert (derHerrPolaris), Maximilian Wörle (Adulescents), Peter Kling (Kittie Empire) and Andi Wart.
Loops come from SCHNITT (Moritz Illner + Markus Christ)


Arbeitsgesellschaftskonservatismus(DR. DREXLER project)
Auf den Truemmern der schwarzen Null(DR. DREXLER project)
Heute habe ich richtig gute Laune(DR. DREXLER project)

Released on October 18th, 2019 at IN GUTE HÄNDE / ELFENART RECORDS