More fair not possible. Your money goes strictly and solely to who you want it to go to: The people who develop and make your product.

Site notice

Die Diebe are a registered association. Founded on the first of April 2017 by Bujar Berisha and Lili Vanilly.

Our purpose is the monetary valuation of artistical outcome.

Our Zentrale is located at Baselstrasse 61, 6003 Luzern, staircase of the parking lot, red building, 5th floor.

We are within easy reach: or 078 934 66 96 and or 077 460 00 46.

Our bank account is located at Alternative Bank Schweiz.
IBAN: CH46 0839 0035 1026 1000 8
ABS Olten, Die Diebe, Baselstrasse 61, 6003 Luzern


(General Terms and Conditions)

Dead product, analogue: You order. You pay. We send or you collect. The product is yours.

Dead product, virtual: You order. Make account. Finish order. Go to «Downloads» (Menu) and download. And pay our bill within 30 days.

Vivid product: You order. You pay an amount in advance. The performance, the service happens. You pay the rest. (In the making.)

So easy … that’s how we do business. And no fear, we stay devoted to our name. It’s all just stolen. If there’s something like possession. We got born and took what we wanted and always wanted more. We use and use up and got smoked up from all that flat rate. Causation and change we don’t oversee. From our perspective we just steal. Might be it all adds up in the end, how shall we know. We focus on the now and want to be satisfied in continuous counterbalance . That’s why we need to express. Explore and appreciate our being. As any other putrescent essence. That’s Die Diebe. Pure love. Pure rage.


And now we protect ourselves.


You can order our products by phone call (077 460 00 46) or here, online in our shop.

If you have any questions we’re happy to help you. You can reach us under 077 460 00 46 and


You can pay in advance. And with Paypal. If not with paypal, you’ll get our invoice in your mailbox after you’ve finished your order. You have to pay within 30 days. And you’ll get your products only after we got your payment on our account.

Time of production

Sometimes we produce after we’ve got the order. There are simple products, there are more complicated ones. We’ll get in touch with you to schedule when and how we’re going to do what. If you order services. Or a drawing. (Shop-Products in the making.)

All deadlines are estimated and are no guarantee.


We have a lot of books. They’re sound absorber and mind expanders in one. There ist a Die Diebe library card. If you’re a club member it’s included. You can borrow our books whenever you feel like it, for as long as two weeks. To do so, you can order the book online and «buy» it. That way it disappears from our shop until you bring it back to the Zentrale or our letterbox.


We send via Swiss Post. If you order from abroad we first have to find out how much the postal charges will be.

Our dates of dispatch are random. At least for the beginning.

Delivery charges

All our prices don’t include delivery charges. But you’ll find them at the checkout. They’re around CHF 5-10, we’ll see. We start with charging you CHF 5.


We admit: We’re overwhelmed by the internets. We don’t know in every detail, how save your visit to our shop and how well protected your data is.

We don’t reuse your data. We use Google Analytics, to get some insight about which of our offers are more and which ones are less interesting for you and everyone else.

We collect your email to tell you about us in the future. Of course we save your address, if you order. So we can ship your products to the right place. And we save your order. So we know what you’re interested in and can tell you if something similar appears.

That’s it.

The website and the shop are built with WordPress und WooCommerce. The server space is at Hostpoint, that means in Switzerland. But yeah, a bit more save, but, not save. The domain is registered by Hosttech respectively Hostpoint. We protect our Website against Malware and anything else that wants to hack itself in, around, and out of our virtual representation. But only as good as we can and know.

Of course, nothing’s save. Walk over a street, you might get hit by a falling rhino. Nonetheless we claim to be as open, fair, honest as possible. Therefore all these letters here. So you know what happens with you, with us (development of being excluded).

A small digression in German. (Source:

In gängigen Datenschutzerklärungen werden meist nur Cookies – in allgemeiner Art und Weise – erwähnt, nicht aber Tracking mit Fingerprinting und Session Replay. Den meisten Besucherinnen und Besuchern von Websites dürfte nicht klar sein, dass ihr Verhalten in Echtzeit und vollständig überwacht werden kann.

Der Content-Blocker uBlock Origin meldet für die Website der Basler Zeitung «Tageswoche» ( momentan unter anderem folgende Tracker:

  • ADITION, nach eigenen Angaben der «führende europäische Anbieter hochwertiger Technologielösungen für ein automatisiertes, datenbasiertes digitales Marketing über alle Kanäle aus einer zentralen Enterprise Plattform heraus.»

  • Google Tag Manager für die zentrale Verwaltung von Tracking mit Google Analytics sowie sonstigen Anbietern und Diensten für Tracking.

  • Hotjar, unter anderem kann man damit jede einzelne Bewegung von Besucherinnen und Besuchern einer Website aufzeichnen.

  • OCTAVIUS, nach eigenen Angaben ein Dienst für die Analyse aller Aspekte einer Website und für Tracking in Echtzeit – angeblich vollständig anonymisiert …

  • NET-Metrix Audit ( zur Messung der App- und Website-Nutzung von schweizerischen Medien.


We only have Google Analytics. And even there we unchecked anything we could to save us from as much of data transfer to google and further as possible. Anyway, by now we’ll all be more glass than the whole arsenal of the Glasi Hergiswil or than the potential of all grains of sand along the seas. See-through. Naked.

Changes of these declarations reserved. If needed. Valid is what you find here.

You want to offer you and your products in our shop?

Thats possible.

We only take 70% (as a gallery), respectively 60% (as a dress shop), respectively 40% (as a food shop), respectively around xy%+monthly fee+some other hidden fees (as with Etsy, iTunes, Amazon, PayPal, traritrara).

No. The income from your products directly goes to you. Without any tribute to us.

Qualification: you do something existential.