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Are you playing music or writing texts and are up to get your project professionally recorded? With us you can treat yourself with studio and live recordings, with images and movies if needed. Get in touch with Lili for more information: lili@diediebe.ch

We furthermore offer guidance to plan projects thoroughly and turn them into reality. Development of style and personality. Our experience shall be of use for you, too!

As usual we do:

Events: NeuN / Die Diebe Denken / Delik(a)t

Projects: DIE DIE BE / Käti Käti Maria / Königswasser / SEWN / Who’s Elektra

Feature: Fairness

Who works with us gets a slot in our shop.

And wont pay us a thing.

(Your products here? Mail at lili@diediebe.ch)


Feature: No Border

We are available in English, too!

If you long for a product of ours in your favorite language, please let us know.

We’ll arrange that.

Geh HEIM (German)

Product: SUB

Are you enjoying our work anyway? How about a SUBscription?

Quasi our own basic income or a small grant for it.

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Product: Services

We’re still offering our services and support with your projects.

Coming soon in our shop.

Until then you can order as usual per email or phone or dialogue and choose from our prize list.

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And as always …

Die Diebe care about monetary valuation of artistical outcome.


Thank you warmly for your support, however it might show. For instance, we’re quite open for positive thoughts.

100 % transparency

Welcome to the first virtual store where 100% of your money strictly goes where you want it to.

(except you’re going to use PayPal)